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Heading Out To College?

Moving to College? How to Get Ready. If you’re feeling scared about moving to college or away from home, there are lots of ways to ease your concerns before you go. You can get started with some steps long before you make the move to get a feel for your new surroundings. Sign Up [...]

Moving Your Business?

If you’re about to move your business you might appreciate a few tips that moving a business can often be more complicated than moving home. You could be moving to save money on your lease or to move to bigger premises. Whatever your reason, you need to make sure you notify the right people [...]

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Cost of Moving

On average, how much does it cost to move? Local moves The average cost for a local move ranges from about $350 for a one bedroom apartment to $1,500 for a four-bedroom home. Moving companies determine their prices for different home sizes based on the average weight of the household goods and the number [...]

Best Moving Tips

TIPS FOR MOVING Pack an overnight bag containing all the essentials. Chances are, you'll be too tired to unpack your things. You'll want your essentials within easy access, including a change of clothes if you're going back to work the next day as well as all your toiletries. It's also a great way to [...]

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