Remove ornamental tops and put in a safe place…one you will remember. Small lamps must be wrapped and placed in cartons for safe moving.

Stereos should be packed in a box with white paper surrounding it for cushion. The padding should not be too firm but moderate enough to secure the stereo from shock.

Television Sets:
TV’s do not need to be boxed. Our crew will gladly wrap and move them at no additional charge.  We will also remove the television from the wall if mounted, and remove the mount as well.

Make backup copies of all your files. Store the backup and keep in a secure container. Desktop computers should be placed into a box with plenty of packing paper or bubble wrap around the PC.  Keep all cords in the same box.  Monitors should be packed standing upright when possible, and make sure the screen is protected.  For laptops, wrap well with bubble wrap and place into a box with plenty of packing paper around or bubble wrap.

Pack it in its original box. Remove ink cartridges. If you do not have the original box, place the printer into a moving box with plenty of packing paper around it or bubble wrap.  Keep the printer upright when packing and label the box on the side.