How to make your Fort Lauderdale move stress free and affordable

One of the most frequent questions we get is, “what can we do to prepare for our move?”  While this might sound like a simple chore, there are plenty of things that contribute to a stress free moving day, which starts from the moment you decide to move.  Below we listed the methods that ensure an easy transition and will ultimately keep your moving costs down.

PURGE:  When you decide to move, you should also decide what you plan to take with you.  Begin by decluttering and purging all items that you are not taking.  This will make the packing process so much easier, and when you get a moving quote, the estimator will not account for the items if they are not there.

PACK BOXES ACCORDINGLY:  It is important to not over or under pack boxes, and use the right size boxes for the task!  For example, books should not go in large boxes.  Not only will they be too heavy to lift, but the box itself might not be able to handle the weight.  Save the large boxes for linens, pillows, etc… At the same time, dishes and glasses should go into dishpack boxes, which are double enforced cardboard so the box does not crush.

You should also make sure the boxes are labeled with the room name and brief description of the contents on the SIDE of the box, so they can be identified when stacked.

You can find a complete packing guide here which will guide you from start to finish.  If packing isn’t your thing, you can always let your Fort Lauderdale Movers help.

KEEP THE DRIVEWAY OR PARKING SPOT EMPTY:  When the Movers arrive, the truck should park as close as possible and immediately.  This eliminates any waiting.

TAG ITEMS NOT GOING:  If items are not going, place a label on them and let the Movers know what the label means.  If not, they will have to constantly ask you what to take.

KEEP THE A/C LOW AND HAVE COLD WATER:  As with any strenuous activity, over a period of time people get fatigued.  Having air conditioning keeps the body from overheating and reduces the fatigue.  The same goes with ice cold liquids.  While Movers typically bring drinks, the drinks will get warm after some time.  Having replenishment keeps the Movers running at top speed.

AVOID OTHER CONTRACTORS:  If possible, try to avoid other Contractors from doing work during the move.  They interfere with each other and the productivity with everyone decreases.

HAVE A FLOOR PLAN:  When delivering your items, you should have a layout of how you want the furniture placed.  The Movers will stay productive this way and it will eliminate double handling of items.

SUMMARY:  The end goal of move preparation is to allow the Movers to arrive, know what they are moving, stay clear of obstructions, and do their job efficiently.  If you do what is listed above, it will create great morale, and ultimately less stress.  Moving in Fort Lauderdale is hard enough with the heat, so why make it harder?

When you are ready to move, trust true professional Fort Lauderdale Movers like Secure Moving and Storage, who have been servicing the community since 1983 and are honest, trustworthy, and reliable people that actually care.  For a free estimate you can reach them here.